First Steps

Do I require a Facebook account to sign up to Spark?

Yes, to further ensure that all our Spark users are real people, we use Facebook to authenticate you. But don’t fret, we’ll never ever post anything without your permission.

Why can’t I see the age of anybody?

We think that if you feel attracted to someone in real-life, why do you need to know their age? Just a number, right?

How do I turn off notifications?

We’re working on the ability to let you personalise your notifications within Spark, but for now just head over to your iPhone settings and you’ll find them in the notification centre.

Sending a Spark

How does Spark work when I have no cellular or WIFI connection?

Great question, brownie points for asking. Without getting too technical, Spark uses bluetooth to connect you to those nearby. Meaning that instead of your phone having to connect to the internet then back down to the phone of the person you're Sparking, Spark connects you directly. So you can Spark quite literally wherever you are!

I’ve just seen someone I like, how do I Spark them?

When there’s someone near you that you like, first check that they appear on your home screen. If they do, simply tap on their photo, then tap and hold to Spark!

If I send a Spark, will they receive it whilst they’re still near me?

No, it will only ever be received once you’ve parted ways.

How soon will I hear back after I’ve sent my Spark?

Your person of interest will have just 24 hours to respond. So you’ll know in that time whether they too felt that connection.

Can I retract a sent Spark?

Nope. Even if you accidentally become too excited by our beautiful Spark interface. Once sent, there’s no turning back.

What distance can the Spark connection reach up to?

Approximately 30 metres.

Receiving a Spark

I’ve just received a Spark! How do I respond?

You can view any available received Sparks by tapping the notification button underneath the Spark header. Select the received Spark you wish to respond to, then tap and hold to Talk.

Can someone message me even though I haven’t reciprocated their Spark?

No way! Your Talk screen is sacred to both us and you. Only the people you Spark, or choose to Spark back will appear here. Not only that, before sparking the only information they will ever receive is your one and only photo (not even your name).


I had a match but now it’s gone?

Your Talk screen is sacred, we think it shouldn’t get clogged up with the people you don’t actually talk to, and we’ve designed Spark to echo that. So keep the conversation flowing, as conversations with no engagement will fade away :(

Get Sparks

How do I buy more Sparks?

Simply press the settings button at the bottom right-hand side of the home screen and tap Get Sparks.