So you never have to wonder, what if?

Spark is the new way to meet people in real life.

Open Spark,

when you see someone nearby that you like.
It will work anywhere, even the tube.

Tap and Hold to Send.

A Spark is only received once you've parted ways.

But Choose Wisely,

you can only send one free Spark a day, so make the moment count!

Upon Receiving a Spark,

you have just 24 hours to respond.

If You Like Them Back,

simply tap and hold to Talk!

  • Moment

    You can only send one free Spark a day, so be sure to choose someone special!

  • Sending

    A Spark will only be received once you’ve parted ways.

  • Bluetooth

    Spark works like magic, requires no data and doesn’t waste precious battery life.